What Happens After My Weight Loss Surgery?


What Happens After My Weight Loss Surgery?

After surgery, you will be in hospital for 1 or 2 nights depending on the type of weight loss surgery procedure.

Your surgeon will monitor your progress closely with the hospital team, until you are ready to go home.

Your bariatric dietitian will give you a call to support you with the initial stages of fluid and nutrition intake.

You will then visit your surgeon 10-days after your surgery, and some blood tests taken to ensure all is well.

All the time your Patient Concierge will be on hand to answer any questions you have. They will help you schedule support with your dietitian and psychotherapist at times you most need them.

You will see your surgeon again at 3, 6 and 12-months after your surgery, with blood tests monitoring your health and nutrition levels each time.

At 18 and 24-months post surgery you will have further blood tests, and meet with your dietitian to continue shaping your new healthy habits around eating and health management.

Our team will always be a phone call, message or email away to support you in achieving best outcomes from your surgery.

If you are interested in receiving additional nutritional or psychological support, beyond the individual and group support included in your package, your Patient Concierge will arrange this for you.

Let us Explain how we can help you

Speak with our friendly patient concierge team, and let us answer any questions you have about weight loss surgery


Exceptional outcomes from weight loss surgery come from good planning and preparation, medical excellence at every touch point, and aftercare support that guides positive behaviour change.

Your bariatric team works with you closely over the next 2-years, as you adjust and transition to the opportunities and life changes post-surgery.

Sessions with your Bariatric Surgeon, Dietitian and Psychotherapist will be complemented by monthly group sessions and motivational email support, all curated with ongoing guidance from your Patient Concierge team.

Surgeon Follow-Up Consultations

Diagnostics Bloods Included

Ongoing Dietitian & Psychotherapist Support

Monthly Support Groups & Email Motivation

Patient Concierge Care & Guidance


Our weight loss surgery 2-year aftercare package has been created to support you in achieving exceptional outcomes.

We have blended individual and group consultations, with online education and support to guide you through the stages of change and transformation that lie ahead.

  • Follow-up consultations with your bariatric dietitian at 18-months and 2-years post surgery 
  • Diagnostic blood tests included at all of these appointments
  • 4-hours of dietetic support with your bariatric dietitian, to guide and coach you through transitions in your eating and lifestyle behaviour
  • 4-hours of psychological support to help you shape a positive mindset, and develop new healthy habits
  • Dedicated patient concierge to answer any questions you have, and help you schedule appointments
  • Monthly patient online group support meetings, facilitated by our dietitian and psychotherapy teams
  • Curated workflow of timed emails to educate, motivate and inspire you to achieve exceptional outcomes