How Do I Choose A Bariatric Surgeon?

How Do I Choose A Bariatric Surgeon?

Bariatric surgery is life-changing. It transforms the way you eat, your weight, how you experience work, your relationships, your social life, your body image and your self-esteem. 

We know our patients need plenty of support and guidance in the time before and after their procedure, to ensure optimal outcomes as they adapt to their new lifestyle. 

Surgery is a key part of our wider approach to weight loss. We explore the psychological factors related to your eating habits and behaviours, provide nutritional education, coach you to maximise the benefits of your surgery, and offer emotional support.

Surgical WeightMatters integrates a specialised Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT), so we can provide you with safe and effective care.

Let us Explain how we can help you

Speak with our friendly patient concierge team, and let us answer any questions you have about weight loss surgery


Bariatric surgery is carried out by many surgeons and teams. For the best outcomes it is important to have the best, safest care.

What are the questions to ask?

  • Does your surgeon and team submit all their data to the National Bariatric Surgery Register and can you see their outcomes on the NBSR website: and are they a member of BOMSS (British Obesity Metabolic Surgery Society). If you cannot find them on this site that is a real cause for concern.
  • How experienced is your surgeon and team? Do they have an NHS practice as well as their private practice.
  • Will you see a dietician and psychologist prior to, and if needed after, your surgery? This is a National requirement.
  • How and when will they follow up with you?
  • What happens if you have a complication with private surgery?
  • Who, and when, can you call in an emergency in the first 30 days after surgery?
  • Will you have a personal anaesthetic assessment prior to surgery, and anaesthetic post-operative care, whilst being an in-patient ?
  • How does your surgeon reduce post-operative pain?
  • What is the specific speciality within bariatric surgery of your surgeon?
  • What sort of patient testimonials does your surgeon have?
  • Can your surgeon put you in touch with a few patients from previous surgeries?
  • Who are the members of their multi-disciplinary team?
  • Which hospitals do they have affiliations with?
  • Does your surgeon answer your questions honestly and seem interested in looking after you, and not just operating on you?
  • Will your surgeon and team adhere to the NICE guidelines for surgery?