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The Surgical WeightMatters team regularly contributes to news and media.

Below you will find their contributions on TV shows, books they have published, videos and podcasts, and online articles.

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BBC 2: Your Body Uncovered With Kate Garraway

Melina gets up close and personal with her gallbladder

Obesity & Sleep Symposium

Panel of experts discussed causes, commonalities and implications of sleep quality, sleep apnoea, and obesity, concluding each section with a Q&A with the live audience.

Weight Management After Covid-19

Mr Sanjay Purkayastha, Gastrointestinal Surgeon at OneWelbeck Digestive Surgery, discusses the effect that the pandemic has had on weight-gain and associated conditions, such as type 2 diabetes.

A million masks! NHS duo team up with actress and Mail Force to deliver PPE

Care homes at the frontline of the war on the coronavirus will this week receive one million free surgical masks, courtesy of two campaigning NHS doctors and one Hollywood star.

Digitizing surgery to support coaching in the operating room

Digitizing surgery to support coaching in the operating room. Dr. Purkayastha, M.D., a UK-based surgeon discusses how Touch Surgery™ Enterprise has helped him to improve surgical technique.



About ‘The Full Diet’

The Full Diet is the revolutionary new way to achieve lasting weight loss. This is not about doing something unsustainable; this is about following the science to eat well, lose weight and transform your health for good.

At last! A weight-loss Plan Anyone Can Stick To

NHS weight-loss expert Dr Saira Hameed explains how her revolutionary new Full Diet helps you shed pounds by simply training your body (and mind) to recognise when you’ve eaten enough

How To Lose Weight According To Science

With two-thirds of Brits overweight, Dr Saira Hameed is determined to arm patients with the knowledge they need to live healthier lives

Eat Your Fill…

…and still lose weight with these tasty, easy-cook recipes from the diet book of the year

The 10 foods and drinks health experts would like to ban from our children’s diet

From certain yogurts to mac and cheese, the items on their no-go list might surprise you