Back in 2005, James Lamper created WeightMatters, a place where people could find treatment, help and support with their weight issues. His vision for a safe, respectful and person-centred approach to eating issues, is a result of his own early battle with an eating disorder.


CEO of The HealthMatters Group

James is the founder of the innovative HealthMatters Group, a healthcare organisation that provides integrated health solutions, blending medical, psychological, nutritional and lifestyle management for the effective treatment of illness and disease, and to promote optimal health and wellbeing.

James is a UKCP accredited psychotherapist and, together with his highly experienced team, provides targeted psychological and nutritional interventions to support exceptional outcomes following Bariatric Surgery, and other non-surgical weight management pathways.

James’ Early Struggle

Having struggled with binge eating as a boy, bullying at school and experiencing shame about his size, James found exercise in his late teenage years, and managed to lose weight. However, the psychological scars remained, and his early career as studio instructor kept him fit and healthy, but masked the hidden binge eating that remained. 

James experienced targeted psychotherapy that helped him break free from his emotional eating in his late twenties. His training and education in exercise and nutrition, combined with psychotherapy, was the holistic approach essential for his recovery.

WeightMatters became a pioneering organisation, blending targeted psychotherapy and counselling with nutrition and lifestyle management. The team now consists of 50+ practitioners, trained with passion and motivation to provide bespoke treatment protocols for clients.

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The Need For Integrated Bariatric Care

When bariatric surgery started to appear as a surgical solution for obesity, James attended courses and read books on how to provide safe, effective and professional ‘wrap-around’ support services for patients choosing weight loss surgery. He knew that successful obesity treatment requires an integrated bio-psycho-social treatment model.

With increasing numbers of enquiries coming into WeightMatters of people looking for a bariatric surgeon, and people desperate for support after their weight loss surgery as they received no psychological or nutritional support, James decided to reach out to the bariatric surgeon community.

In 2017, following extensive research, a list of 10 surgeons were contacted, inviting them to meet and discuss a form of collaboration, so patients choosing weight loss surgery could experience the best integrated treatment experience, and ultimately the best outcomes from surgery.


BSc (Hons), MBBS (Hons), MD, FRCS (Eng)
Medical Director of Surgical WeightMatters

Sanjay Purkayastha is a Consultant General Surgeon with a specialist interest in Bariatric & Upper GI Surgery. He was a Associate Professor at Imperial College, London, before becoming Honorary Professor at Brunel.

Professor Purkayastha trained at Saint Mary’s hospital and medical school, Imperial College London, the London deanery, and the Royal College of Surgeons England. During his training he also spent time at Cook County Hospital, the Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic in the USA.

Professor Purkaystha has led the field in the digitisation of surgery and has spent the last decade developing surgical technologies to make surgery safer and more efficient. He was the first surgeon to use AI live in the operating room to help standardisation of surgical techniques in bariatric surgery.

Meeting Sanjay Purkayastha

Sanjay Purkayastha was a stand-out candidate in the people James interviewed. Sanjay experienced his own struggles with weight, and like James, found that consistent focus of a good mindset, eating well and regular exercise helped him stay well.

A professional collaboration started, and through hard work and willingness to evaluate each surgery performed, patient journey experienced and outcomes achieved, Surgical WeightMatters started to take shape.

Through his extensive 10+ year experience at the private Lindo Wing, at the Imperial College Weight Loss centre, Sanjay had shaped and perfected his surgical treatment protocols, and built a team of trusted colleagues, who over the years he introduced to James and became part of the wider MDT (multidisciplinary team) that now works for Surgical WeightMatters.

Our King Edward VII Home

The COVID pandemic paused elective surgeries, and during this time conversations began with King Edward VII hospital. A shared vision of medical excellence, values around patient care, and a drive for exceptional outcomes helped Surgical WeightMatters find a home.

Today we work together as one team, proud of our story, and passionate about the care, treatment and support we provide our patients. Hospital calibre is a pillar of the Surgical WeightMatters offering, and we are proud that King Edward VII hospital was voted ‘Best Hospital’ in the 2022 awards.

The Future Of Surgical WeighMatters

Our expert medical team continues to grow. Dr Saira Hameed leads our endocrinology pathway, and Dr Samantha Scholtz brings her specialist knowledge of bariatric psychiatry.

We will continue to develop our bespoke treatment solutions for people struggling with obesity, metabolic disorders and general poor health connected to their weight and size.

Personalised medicine is about building a relationship with our patients. We hope our story helps you understand why we do what we do. 

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We believe in providing you with professional help, care and support. Our team has high ethical standards, and we invest in training and development.

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