My Bariatric Recovery App


Professor Purkayastha has teamed up with the ground breaking team at my recovery ( in order to create a personalised app for your weight loss / bariatric procedure.

The app has all the information you need to guide you step by step through your surgical pathway. It includes videos, tips and tricks and the consent and information booklets. It helps you to track your progress and see the changes you make objectively and first hand. This is the first of a kind in bariatric surgery.

This digital tool is bespoke and designed to enhance your surgical journey with us and and make you the most important part of the team working to ensure the best and healthiest sustained weight loss.

Surgical weight matters is the first team to integrate this sort of digital technology into a weight management pathway. We hope to empower our patients to achieve the best results possible.

It also links to the activity tracker in your mobile phone and allows you and the team to assess how your weight loss results in a better quality of life and a more active lifestyle.

We look forward to our patients being at the forefront of this cutting edge digital technology.


Speak with our friendly assessment team, and let us answer any questions you have about weight loss surgery


Following your bariatric surgery with Professor Purkayastha, you may find it helpful to receive additional psychological and nutritional support with a member of the Surgical WeightMatters team to be able to fully adjust to the changes you need to make post-surgery and maximise your weight loss outcomes.

Your therapist and dietitian will support you in your transition to your new relationship with food and eating, teaching you skills and tips to make your journey of change smooth.

We have over 14 years experience supporting people in managing the transition that surgery brings, and supporting them in creating a new happier, healthier and more positive life.

Our ‘Integrate Package’ is a personalised and targeted, psychological and nutritional programme to work with all aspects of your eating, health and psychology.

Here you can find more specific information on the psychological and nutritional interventions we offer at Surgical WeightMatters post-surgery