Susanna Fall

Nutritional Therapist

Having completed my master’s degree at the University of Padua in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology with a specialisation in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, I commenced my career as a pharmacist. After moving to London, I joined the UK General Pharmaceutical Council. Within a few years of practising, I became acutely aware of the fact that drugs alone were often not sufficient to re-establish health. Significantly, I noted the number of patients I supported on a daily basis who were taking medication to treat symptoms that were indicative of deeper imbalance. To my mind, it was evident that a more integrated approach was required if profound changes were to be made in patients’ lives. 

To combat the discord between contemporary practises and patients’ needs, I took it upon myself to broaden my knowledge of lifestyle and nutrition; qualifying as a Nutritional Therapist with a Postgraduate Diploma in Personalised Nutrition, with the Centre for Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management (CNELM) shortly thereafter. During my studies, I also qualified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner & Dietary Educator. 

More about me

Growing up in Italy, I have always considered food a life pillar; both an integrative part of the family and the wider society in which we live. As long as I can remember, I have always been a food fan. While food often represented family, joy and sharing, unfortunately, due to a series of life stressors, it ultimately led me to become obese from a young age.  Not only did it affect my self-esteem, it also had a considerable impact on my health and wellbeing. It was only during my university years that I succeeded in shedding the additional weight – dropping more than 20 kilograms in a matter of months through a combination of exercise and a hypocaloric diet. Unfortunately, following this rapid weight loss, I found it difficult to re-establish a balanced diet and achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle. The lengthy healing journey helped me to integrate my previous perception of food with the renewed concept of food as a healing and empowering tool in my life. By harnessing the power of my personal healing journey alongside my education and clinical experience, I am now able to help clients with their own health issues. 

I can provide consultations in English and Italian


My area of interest is working with people presenting comorbidities and taking complex
pharmaceutical regimes. My areas of expertise include cardiovascular disease, Type 2
diabetes, weight management, digestive health, autoimmune conditions, men and women
hormonal imbalances, adrenal issues and mental wellbeing.